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2021 Annual Meeting

The meeting took place on July 21st in the St. Anne's Garden. A sign In sheet was passed around.  

The 2021 annual meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by Karen Randle with a welcome and thank you for your hard  work and commitment. Quorum was present  (21 attendees)

I. Opening Prayer by Ray Qualls.

Prayer for those we have lost this year, young and old,  family and friends. Special prayers for Pat Green, Song’s daughters, Ann for healing,  Judy’s husband, Marsha Carpoff for healing, and for NEW volunteers!  

II. Old Business  

A. Donations: Jan 1, 2021 – July 21, 2021  

1. Money $28,853  

2. Food Boxes 108,000 lbs of boxed food, 30,700 lbs food, non product specific

3. Grants  - FEMA $2,000  

 Byron Delta Lions - $1,000  

 Food Bank Grant – (Evo), $3,000 for new freezer  

4. Produce - 1,000 lbs/week  

5. Other donations - 1,200 brown bags (Song and Douglas) & 900 pairs of socks

6. Expenses - $8,990, used for supplies, garbage payment to St. Anne’s, etc.  

B. Review Food Donation Pick up Schedule

• Sunday: 9:30 Safeway, - Song  

• Monday: 9:30 Safeway – Ann  

 Every 2 weeks at Grocery Outlet for Tortillas. The pickup of Contra Costa Food Bank boxes paused for now so we can give away the boxed food that we have onsite. On August 2, Grocery Outlet will deliver 100's of pre-packaged bags.

• Tuesday: Bagels pick up at Willy’s at 7:30am  

• Wednesday: 9:30 Grocery Outlet - Becky

• Thursday: DCPC/AGC donations - Jenny  

• Friday: Pickup of Food Bank distribution – Need Strong Backs!  

 8:30 am pickup in Antioch, 10:15 unload at St. Anne’s.  

• Saturday: none 

C. Food Storage  

1. The Food Bank Site Inspection took place on 7/19. Temperature charts must be kept using the  recommended sheets for all refrigerators. Container refrigerator, right side, showing  high temp. Art to research how to adjust/manage temperature control. Refrigeration technician determined that repairs were needed. Parts ordered and the repair is in process.

The acceptable range is 45F max for refrigeration and 10F max for freezer.  Song to follow up with the Food Bank on a possible refrigerator.  

Evo ordering a new freezer for St. Anne’s kitchen.  

PLEASE note the temperature on the refrigerator BEFORE opening. Need to have good records because proof must be sent regularly to the inspector.  

2. 2 total containers  

3. Refrigerator in Container  

4. Refrigerator in St. Anne’s Kitchen  

5. Freezer in Container. Freezer in St. Anne’s Kitchen to be replaced in August.  

6. Discussion: continue drive thru method of delivery until vaccine rates are up and  COVID rates are down.  

Current (as of date of meeting) Vaccine stats:  

City Population %Vaccinated Adults

Bethel Island 2,137 46%

Brentwood 65,188 58%

Byron 1,325 49%

Discovery Bay 13,352 56%

Knightsen 1,531 20%

Please consider your own personal safety and needs as we interact with each other  and recipients.  

D. Community Outreach Free Market: SATURDAY OCTOBER 16, 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Held at New Covenant Church, Bethel Island.  

Drive-Thru style again. Last year 200 cars/500 persons with 250 this year preojected.  a. Requesting a COVID mobile vaccination unit.  

b. Byron Delta Lyons: 400 new towels.  

c. Leo Lyons: new socks  

d. DB Yacht Club: socks  

e. Neighborhood Church: sleeping bags & blankets  

f. Looking at Dollar Tree again for toiletry, etc. supplies.  

g. Volunteers will pre-package items again  

E. New address list – please make any changes. Will update and send out. It would be good to have email addresses to send out important messages. THANK YOU Art!  

F. Website: – Art Gonzales THANK YOU Art! 

Please help promote the website! Put it on your email signature. Share on social  media. On the web site one can volunteer and donate.  Website updated with Free Market information.

G. We will have advent boxes again in December from Byron Delta Lyons!  

H. “Free Food” flyers passed out to everyone. This is for food available Monday –  Thursday from 9:00am to 1:00pm through St. Anne’s church office. Please share/post.  

III. Closing Prayer: Father Ron Schmidt. Thank you for the use of the lovely garden for our  meeting and lunch.  

Thank you to those who set up and purchased and brought the excellent lunch! 

Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 am. 

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." - Galatians 6:9

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